💋 Aleong Artistry: Moisturizing Lip Kits 💋

💋 Aleong Artistry: Moisturizing Lip Kits 💋

Don’t you just love a good lipstick? What about a great lip kit? Maybe not and if so, you can opt for our lip conditioner located under “Skincare” but for those who love a great lipstick, this blog is for you.

What's the difference between a lipstick and a lip kit? Well, if you only buy a lipstick, you’ll still need a lip liner. They go hand-in-hand, especially when you have a whole lot of lips, and love to cover them in a pigmented hue.

Placing lipstick on without a lip liner is like coloring without any lines. Just a messy application. We need precision with lipstick applications. You don’t want your colors bleeding past your lip line on the top, bottom or both. 

Everyone has their go-to color, that aides in feeling confident. You know that color, that can do you no wrong. Many may prefer wet lipsticks & that is their preference. I hate the sight of shiny lipstick on teeth. Its bad enough the dry lipstick sometimes lands there too. I prefer lipgloss when I want to shine and highlight to shine brighter.  (blingggg) 💫 

Wet lipstick doesn’t sit well with me but to each it’s own. I personally prefer matte. Meaning, the lipstick is applied wet, in a liquid form but they dry, fully. Don’t confuse them drying fully with drying out your lips. With these Aleong Artistry lip kits, your lips will be very well conditioned. We all know that lipstick tends to cake up around the inner corners of your lips leaving them feeling crusty. That may very well stem from lack of water and neglecting to condition your lips. As you lotion and exfoliate your skin daily, don’t neglect your lips, weekly. They need a regimen too.

These AleongArtistry lip kits are high quality, cruelty free, & vegan. The pencil completes the kit, to accurately line your lips. Colors vary which vary from red, pink, black, brown, & burgundy. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.  

👄💋 Enjoy. 💋👄

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