About: Aleong Artistry

It all began with the love of lipstick. Initially, I didn't apply it properly (minus lip-liner), but I knew my lips complimented each-and every color. From lipstick, I became obsessed with blush. Years later, I realized my brows (although arched) were not tamed. I suddenly realized; I loved makeup but had no idea how to properly apply it. 

I embarked upon Sephora, and on occasion, I'd go in to get perfume samples. While inside, I'd see the beauty studio, where women would have makeup appointments, but I thought nothing of it. After watching some influencer makeup videos, I decided to research brushes I needed, eyeshadows I wanted, contour, highlight, more lipsticks, foundation vs. tinted moisturizer (and why). Before you know it, I purchased so many items, I was VIB Rouge at Sephora. 

I was able to get my makeup done every day of the week (for free) for an entire year (as long as an appointment was scheduled in advance). I utilized that time and labeled it self-care. At that time, I worked at law firms and during my lunch breaks, I'd carve out two hours (each day), to have my skin care routine done, right before my makeup was applied. 

From 2015 to 2020, I gained relationships with MUAS and learned priceless information about products, and applications that I'm proud about. As 2020 approached, that self-care window, (in the form I had known it) was taken from me but I still had a ton of products to use. I decided to give myself makeovers every day and continue self-care, because it's a necessity. It also counteracts depression.

As humans, we sometimes lose ourselves, being bogged down with life and its affairs. When that occurs, we don’t take much pride in how we look. How we show up says everything about how we feel, internally. No matter how we feel we should, wakeup and makeup; being intentional about our look. 

Here at AleongArtistry.com, we understand what it takes to feel your best and we aide in assisting. Just think of us as your online glam squad, here to make you feel amazing with each service you book. Whether you want a bold or subtle look, a henna tattoo or simply a consultation, we’re here with you in mind.

We are a small black owned business based online but in NYC. 

Services: you’ll be provided with an honest input of what products/makeup best compliments your skin type, skincare tips for your everyday needs and henna tattoos to adorn your body, but ultimately-the choice is yours.

Although we are online, if you need to book any of our services: (i.e.), full client makeover; birthday/wedding/prom/date night/anniversary glam; photo shoot-themedmini glam-session, 1:1 makeup session, skincare: facial/steam session, henna tattoo; or a consultation, we are easily accessible via email info@aleongartistry.com and we will schedule your next makeup appointment.